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General duty rigid caster saves your efforts by larger wheel diameter

4 inch rigid caster plated by zinc for corrosive resistanceGeneral duty rigid casters combine strong frames with durable wheels to serve in extensive applications including carts, dollies and other equipment which load capacity is between 95 lbs to 400 lbs depending on different wheel materials.

The rigid caster is a combination of single ball raceway, zinc finish and precision kingpinless. It is very suitable for dollies, bins and refrigeration units.

  • Capacity: 90 lbs to 400 lbs
  • Wheel diameter: 2", 2-1/2", 3" and 4"
  • Overall height: 2-7/16 to 5 inch
  • Bearing type: plain and sleeve
Item Wheel Material Capacity Rigid Weight Plate Specs Bolt hole Specs Bearing Type
lbs lbs inch inch
GD-R20-SRP Soft Rubber 90 0.33 1-1/2x 2-21/32 15/16" x 2-1/8" Plain Bore
GD-R20-HRP Hard Rubber 125 0.33 Plain Bore
GD-R20-SIP Sintered Iron 125 0.4 Plain Bore
GD-R20-POP Polyolefin 90 0.33 Plain Bore
GD-R25-SRP Soft Rubber 100 0.73 2-1/4x 4-7/16 1-1/16x 3-1/2 Plain Bore
GD-R25-HRP Hard Rubber 175 0.73 Plain Bore
GD-R25-SIP Sintered Iron 200 0.98 Plain Bore
GD-R25-POP Polyolefin 175 0.63 Plain Bore
GD-R30-SRS Soft Rubber 150 1.98 2-1/4x 5-1/8 1-3/16x4 Steel Sleeve
GD-R30-HRS Hard Rubber 275 1.98 Steel Sleeve
GD-R30-POP Polyolefin 275 1.54 Plain Bore
GD-R30-SPOS Solid Polyurethane 250 1.98 Steel Sleeve
GD-R30-SSP Semi Steel 275 2.2 Plain Bore
GD-R30-PHP Phenolic 275 1.9 Plain Bore
GD-R30-SIP Sintered Iron 250 2.2 Plain Bore
GD-R40-SRS Soft Rubber 200 3.08 3-1/4x 6-1/4 1-3/4x5 Steel Sleeve
GD-R40-HRS Hard Rubber 300 3.08 Steel Sleeve
GD-R40-SSP Semi Steel 400 4.4 Plain Bore


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