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Stem casters save your labor when moving light equipment

Straight thread stem caster with side lock brake and rubber wheel

Stem casters of light to medium duty are fabricated by quality and high strength steel and equipped with double ball bearing raceways which can effectively extend its service life. These swivel stem casters are designed to load 170 to 300 lbs and extensively found in furniture, hospital beds, office chairs, utility carts and food service applications.

Wheels of stem casters come into various materials, such as non-marking rubber, phenolic, polyurethane and others. All of them are proven durable and stable in different environments. The frequently used diameters ranges from 3 to 5 inch, besides unique diameters are custom.

Our stem casters are equipped with several kinds of brakes to meet your requirements. For example, total lock brake locks the caster and the wheel at the same time and ensures the caster keep stationary when locked. Stem casters mounted by brake devices are very suitable for worktables, medical equipment and table saws where motion is not always needed.

    Bearing options
  • Delrin
  • Ball bearing
  • Sleeve or plain bearing
  • Stem options
    Threaded stem
  • Grip ring
  • Round
  • Grip neck
  • Square
Item Wheel Material Wheel Diameter inch Wheel Width Load Capacity lbs Overall Height inch Bearing Type
SS-30SRP Soft Rubber 3 1-1/4 175 4 Plain
SS-30HRP Hard Rubber 275 Plain
SS-30SRBB Soft Rubber 200 Ball Bearing
SS-30HRBB Hard Rubber 200 Ball Bearing
SS-30SPOS Solid Polyurethane 300 Sleeve
SS-30SSS Semi Steel 300 Sleeve
SS-30POP Polyolefin 300 Plain
SS-30PHHS High Temp Phenolic 300 Sleeve
SS-30PHS Phenolic 300 Sleeve
SS-35SRP Soft Rubber 3-1/2" 1-1/4 200 4-1/2 Plain
SS-35HRP Hard Rubber 285 Plain
SS-35RABB Rubber on Aluminum 250 Annular Ball Bearing
SS-35RPOBB Rubber on Polyolefin 170 Ball Bearing
SS-35POPUBB Polyurethane on Polyolefin 250 Ball Bearing
SS-40HRP1 Hard Rubber 4" 15/16 150 4-11/16 Plain
SS-40SRP Soft Rubber 4" 1-1/4 200 5 Plain
SS-40HRP2 Hard Rubber 300 Plain
SS-40SRBB Soft Rubber 250 Ball Bearing
SS-40HRBB Hard Rubber 300 Ball Bearing
SS-40RABB Rubber on Aluminum 250 Annular Ball Bearing
SS-40RPOBB Rubber on Polyolefin 190 Ball Bearing
SS-40PPBB Polyurethane on Polyolefin 300 Ball Bearing
SS-40SPOS Solid Polyurethane 300 Sleeve
SS-40SSP Semi Steel 300 Plain
SS-40POP Polyolefin 300 Plain
SS-40HTPS High Temp Phenolic 300 Sleeve
SS-40PHS Phenolic 300 Sleeve
SS-50SRP Soft Rubber 5" 1-1/4 250 6 Plain
SS-50HRP Hard Rubber 300 Plain
SS-50SRBB Soft Rubber 275 Ball Bearing
SS-50HRBB Hard Rubber 300 Ball Bearing
SS-50RABB Rubber on Aluminum 275 Annular Ball Bearing
SS-50RPOBB Rubber on Polyolefin 200 Ball Bearing
SS-50PUPOBB Polyurethane on Polyolefin 300 Ball Bearing
SS-50SPOS Solid Polyurethane 300 Sleeve
SS-50SSP Semi Steel 300 Plain
SS-50POP Polyolefin 300 Plain
SS-50HTPP High Temp Phenolic 300 Plain
SS-50PHP Phenolic 300 Plain


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