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Rigid Caster

It is very suitable for dollies, bins and
refrigeration units.

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Caster wheel makes the equipment move freely and easily

Greatwall Caster Wheel Co., Ltd. has been committed to focusing on customers' evaluations and reviews and consciously enhances quality and feasibility. Our final goal is to manufacture high quality casters with competitive price and offer considerable after-sales service. All what we are doing is to release you from worrying about casters problems.

As it is known that caster wheel is indispensable for many fields because of its flexibility and usability. They are often found in hospital, industry and houses. In modern times, a lot of people choose stainless steel casters or other unique casters as fashion elements of home decoration.

Casters are roughly divided into two catalogs: rigid and swivel. Rigid casters are going only along a straight direction, while swivel casters can rotate within 360 degree. In addition, they are equipped with various brakes to achieve different movements.

Our star products are kingpinless caster and stainless steel caster. Kingpinless caster is a very popular product for its longer durability and free rotation. It is superior to conventional caster for its unique structure. Stainless steel caster with attractive metal finish is a special decorative element of a modern home.

Our company has a goal of solving your problems while enhance our capacity of providing excellent products and services.

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