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Unique twin casters adds special view to your room

Twin casters used as chair caster for free rotation
Twin wheel caster with threaded stem
Twill wheel casters with capacities from 30 to 225 lbs are essential equipment of modern office furniture and chairs for their extremely free rotation. One wheel rotates clockwise, while the other turns in the opposite direction. This significantly reduces drag resistance while moving.

Black nylon casters excel at reducing noise and abrasion resistance. It is proven that nylon casters are very ideal for furniture and chair casters. To meet your decorative purposes, several finish options are provided, such as bright brass, chrome and flat black.

  • 360 degree free rotation
  • Nylon wheel making less noise
  • Attractive finish adding view to your office
    Twin casters description:
  • Capacity: 30 to 225 lbs per wheel
  • Wheel diameter: 1.2 to 5 inch
  • Bearing type: plain bore

Item Wheel Diameter (inch) Wheel Material Capacity (lbs) Weight (lbs) Bearing Type
LTW100 1.2 Black Nylon 30 0.12 Plain Bore
LTW200 1.6 Black Nylon 40 0.2 Plain Bore
LTW300 2 Black Nylon 75 0.24 Plain Bore
LTW400 2.4 Black Nylon 100 0.3 Plain Bore
LTW500 3 Black Nylon 170 0.4 Plain Bore
LTW600 4 Black Nylon 200 0.6 Plain Bore
LTW700 5 Black Nylon 225 0.75 Plain Bore

Nylon twin casters with total lock mounted to a child’s bed
Twin wheel caster with brake

Nylon twin casters with total lock mounted to a child’s bed
Twin wheel caster with brake


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