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Casters basics knowledge

How to tell rigid caster from swivel castor?
Casters are divided into rigid or stationary caster and swivel caster in accordance with directions of movement. Rigid caster incorporates a wheel mounted to a fixed fork and only travels along a straight orientation. Swivel caster is similar to the simple rigid castor except an addition of swivel joint above the fork, which makes it possible to rotate in any direction.

Is wider caster wheel better for heavy duty?
It is sure that a wider wheel loads huge capacity for its larger ground contact area. However, as load capacity heavier, the rotation resistance of swivel increases. An alternate method to increase load capacity without increasing resistance is to employ multiple narrow wheels. The sum contact area of narrower wheels is smaller relative to wide wheel, so the resistance is much less.

How can I choose a correct caster?
Casters are widely used for easy motion. However, a certain caster is not suitable for any working environment. Rigid casters only travel along a straight direction, while swivel casters can run on curve tracks. For more information about caster selection.

Stainless steel rigid caster with 300 lbs load capacitySwivel caster with rubber wheel with excellent abrasive resistance
Rigid caster wheel travels only along a straight lineSwivel caster with additional swivel joint for 360 rotation

How many types of caster brakes?
Actually, brakes are mounted to swivel casters to control its rotation. Total lock is designed to lock wheel and swivel simultaneously (as shown in fig 1). According to different brake locations, it can be divided into trailing brake, front brake and foot brake.

Swivel caster total lock in unlocked positionTread Wheel Brake
Total LockTread Wheel Brake
Side wheel brake with pedal on one side of the wheel Face contact wheel brake
Side Wheel BrakeFace Contact Wheel Brake

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