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How to select a correct caster

It is proven that 80% of the castor failures are due to improper selection of casters. In most cases, the operator pays less attention to overload capacity of a certain wheel and floor surface. The following tips should be kept in mind when choosing a caster.

Uneven loading
Heavier boxes are placed on one side of the platform of the trolley. One or two casters may be subjected to heavier loads compared with the others. So, the operator should consider the maximum capacity of each castor instead of the overall weight is less than the total capacity of the four casters.

Unevenness of flooring
On uneven flooring, only three out of four wheels contact with the ground and carry the whole weight. Supposed the load capacity just equals to the maximum capacity of the four wheels. Thus each caster gets overloaded by 33%.

Shock loads
Though the floor is very smooth, there are still a number of joints. While rolling across joints, jerks and shock load are created at the same time.

 The castors are designed to safety operation under limited speed about 6 km/hr. load capacity reduces with the speed increasing.

Diameter of the wheel
With the diameter of wheel increasing, the efforts either pushing or pulling will reduce proportionately. Higher diameter wheels mean less effort is exerted.

Type of wheel
Supposing floor conditions and bearing are the same, efforts mainly depend on the material of the wheel. For example, rubber wheels will get compressed under heavy load and its high coefficient of friction needs more efforts.

Floor surface
Roughness of floor surface will affect the life of wheel, efforts and noise level. Generally, light duty castors, rubber wheels should be avoided rough surface. Cast iron casters or medium and heavy duty castors will be better.

In chemical or pharmaceutical industries, casters should be quiet compatible with corrosive atmosphere all the time. In food industries, the working condition is always damp or humid. In these environments, stainless steel brackets are very essential.

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